Eco Energy Audits in Ottawa

Note that the federal ecoENERGY grant rebate program ended in March 2012. For additional information, please click here to visit NRCan's website.

Regardless of the government's decision to end this program, we continue to offer energy audits to make your home more energy efficient, lower your monthly energy bills and reduce greenhouse gases.

With the right improvements, homeowners on average can expect to reduce energy use by about 30%. On a $2,000 annual heating bill, this represents $600 in annual savings and a 4-ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions!

Our Service

Our Energy Audit takes about 2 to 2-1/2 hours depending on the size of the home, and includes:

  • A basement-to-attic assessment of your home's insulation, heating and cooling systems, and other energy uses.
  • A "blower door" test to enhance air leakage and drafts.
  • Infrared thermal imaging to detect drafts and uncover missing insulation.
  • A sit-down session with you to review our findings.
  • A personalized Energy Efficient Evaluation Report which includes an energy profile of your home, shows where your energy dollars are being spent, and provides recommendations to make your home more energy efficient.

Call us at 613-222-1129 for more details on this service.

Savings from a Home Energy Audit can be up to 30%!