Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections in Ottawa

Infrared thermal imaging is an advanced technology used to detect and image thermal infrared energy not visible to the "naked eye". Every material has a unique thermal signature which can change when moisture, heat or cold is introduced. Thermographic imaging cameras detect and capture these temperature changes in the thermal images. By examining and analysing the thermal variations in these images we can assess what's potentially going on behind the surface.

What makes thermal imaging so useful is that defects that would normally go undetected during a visual home inspection can be now be detected before they cause extensive damage. Early detection of water leakage in a wall, for example, can prevent a much larger problem involving substantial wood rot, structural weakening and mold growth.

What Problems Can Thermography Detect?

Infrared thermal imaging can help detect a variety of hidden problems that visual inspection can't determine, such as:

  • Excessive air leakage
  • Problems with sealed windows
  • Inadequate or missing insulation
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Moisture infiltration
  • Problems with under-floor heating
  • Overheating electrical components

Our Service

Thermal Imaging of potential problem areas is included with your home inspection to further reduce your risk and improve your purchase decision. After all, the best purchase decision is made when you have all the facts!

We also provide infrared thermal imaging inspections as a stand-alone service, outside the context of a home inspection. Please contact us to discuss your thermographic inspection needs.

Some examples of Thermal Scans
Home inspection with infrared thermal imaging of air leakage at staircase
Air infiltration along a staircase
Home inspection with infrared thermal imaging of missing wall insulation
Missing exterior wall insulation
Home inspection with infrared thermal image of moisture in a ceiling
Moisture in ceiling