Air Leakage Inspections in Ottawa

Reducing air leakage is typically the most cost-effective, energy-saving measure a homeowner can undertake. Leakage can account for up to 35 percent of the heat loss in a home, adding hundreds of dollars per year to your heating bill and making rooms drafty and difficult to heat.

Air leakage is also the chief cause of moisture buildup in a home. Excess moisture can result in mold growth and adverse health effects for occupants as well lead to long-term damage to the structure of the home.

If your home is drafty, difficult to heat or has excess moisture, you should take immediate action and arrange an air leakage inspection.

Our Service

For superior results, our air leakage Inspection service (also referred to as Draft Detection services) combines two complementary technologies; a blower door to exaggerate the air infiltration flow into the home, and infrared scanning to pinpoint and record actual air leakage.

The inspection includes:
  • An initial discussion with you to identify known problems.
  • A blower door to depressurize the home
  • Infrared Scanning of the following areas:
    • electrical ceiling fixtures
    • electrical outlets
    • electrical box and wire penetrations
    • exterior pipe penetrations
    • baseboard trims and mouldings
    • window frames
    • door frames
    • fireplace
    • chimney
    • attic hatch
    • basement header (rim joists)
  • A sit-down session with you to review our findings.
  • A detailed report that identifies the leakage areas and provides supporting photos and recommendations for improvement.
A house with the most common air leakage locations identified
Common Air Leaks
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Blower door used in energy audits and air leakage inspections
Blower Door
Infrared thermal imaging camera used in energy audits and air leakage inspections
Infrared Camera